Advent Week I: The Gift of Hope

God of all those who yearn for a glimmer of assurance on the long journey home to you, come!  Come with a vast storehouse of renewed dreams, hopes, and peacefulness.

God of hope, come!  Enter into my memory and remind me often of the yearning of the people of history.  Stir up stories of how the ancestors hung on to your promises, how they stole hope from tiny glimmers about you, passed on from age to age.  Help me to hear the loud, crying voices of the prophets who proclaimed that a new age would dawn.

God of hope, come!  Enter into this heart of mine which often loses itself in self, missing the message of your encouragement because I am so entangled in the web of my own whirl of life.  Enable me to not lose sight of the power of your presence or the truth of your consolation.

God of hope, come!  Enter into the lives of all those I hold dear, the ones whose lives are marked with pain, struggle, and deep anxiety, those whose lives bear ongoing heartaches, those whose difficulties threaten to overwhelm them with helplessness and despair.  Come and gift them with a deep belief about you and your never-ending faithfulness and companionship.

God of hope, come!  Enter into every human heart that cries out for a glimpse of your love, for assign of your welcoming presence, for a taste of your happiness.  Be the one who calms the restless and gentles the ache of the human journey.

God of hope, come!  Enter into this Advent season with the grace of joy and laughter.  Fill faces with smiles and delight and voices with sounds of pleasure.  Let this gift come from deep within.  Replenish all with the joyful blessings that only your peace can bring.

God of hope, come!  Be the Morning Star in our midst, the Light that can never go out, the Beacon of Hope guiding our way to you.  Come into our midst and make our lives a home, where your everlasting goodness resonates with assuring love and vigorous hope.

~Joyce Rupp, taken from Out of the Ordinary © 2000, 2010 by Joyce Rupp.  Used by permission of Ave Maria Press.  All rights reserved.

Even the worst parts of my life can be turned into good.” ~Nick Vujicic

For reflection:

Where do you find hope in your life?

Is there any area of your life that seems hopeless and needs to be rekindled into a burning flame? 



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