Why do Catholics bless themselves with Holy Water as they enter church?

Dip! “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”  You have probably been doing this as you Baptismal Font blueenter a Catholic church since you were old enough to reach the Holy Water Font.  But do you know the reason why Catholics dip their fingers in Holy Water and then make the Sign of the Cross?  Well, although Holy Water is used for many reasons, including the blessing of religious articles, homes, etc., its most important use is during Baptism.  When you were baptized, the priest (or deacon) either poured holy water on you, or immersed you three times, while saying “(Your Name), I baptize you, in the name of the Father (dip), and of the Son (dip), and of the Holy Spirit (dip).”  The Rite of Baptism for Children (p.xi) states that “Baptism incorporates us into Christ and forms us into God’s people. This first sacrament pardons all our sins, rescues us from the power of darkness, and brings us to the dignity of adopted children, a new creation through water and the Holy Spirit.”  So, when we walk into a Catholic church and bless ourselves with Holy Water, it is a way of recalling our baptism.  It brings us back to what has brought us there in the first place.  It is a reminder of who we are, and to whom we belong.


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