Friday, First Week of Advent


How do you feel when something happens that you weren’t expecting?  Do you like to be surprised?  What if it’s not a surprise you like?
We’re told Jesus will come at an unexpected time.  Chances are, we’ll have other plans and other things to do.
Is Christmas a time when you envision getting presents?  Is it a time for getting up early and eating a special meal?  What if it doesn’t turn out the way you want?
Preparing ourselves means being open to what God has in mind instead of limiting ourselves to what we want.  God knows what’s best for us, and he will help us deal with the circumstances we have to face in life.
This isn’t just about Christmas day; it’s about our lives.  Advent is a time to get ready for Jesus’ birth, but it’s also a time of grace when we can give Baby Jesus the gift of changing our inner selves.  We can become nicer during Advent and stay nice once it’s over.
To be ready for Jesus, we have to keep working on ourselves.
Jesus, though Christmas is still a long way off, I want to be ready.  Give me the strength to change myself to be more prepared for your coming.  Help me to see that when I give of myself, I receive the greatest blessing in being more like you.  Amen.
Help in the kitchen today without being asked.  Set the table or clear it after a meal, do the dishes or empty the dishwasher, or find another way to help. 

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