Trick or Eat 2012

The Food Depot Alimentaire distributes 2.5 million pounds of food in South Eastern New Brunswick each year.  Hunger is a very real issue in many people’s lives.  For those people who cannot fill their cupboards with adequate food to feed their family, hunger and food are a constant worry.  As youth leaders, we are VERY proud to say that our youth achieved their goal of making a difference and fighting back against hunger. In preparation for the Trick or Eat event, the middle school and high youth groups from Immaculate Heart/Holy Family raised food donations at a Soup and Roll Supper and raised monetary donations from parishioners at IMH to support local New Brunswickers.  On Halloween night, youth from Immaculate Heart/Holy Family’s youth group, St. Jude’s youth group and Charlotte Bradley’s Grade 7 Catechism class, went around collecting food donations. The grand total of all their hard work surpassed their goal of collecting 1000 lbs of food! In all, the youth collected 1017 lbs!!  We are very proud of the difference this will make in many families’ lives.  We are also very proud to say our youth are working towards a brighter future.  Today we hope that you smile because of the kindness these youth have spread into the world.

To the youth of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, you are truly kind and thoughtful. Be proud of the work you’ve done, and know that we are.

~ Emily LeBlanc, Jessica LeBlanc,  Trevor Droesbeck & Charlotte Bradley


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